Senior Rep Group Shoot (Class Of 2019)

Check out our 90's styled shoot in the Strip District!

As Chuck Taylors, high-wasted jeans, and of course the leather jackets from the 90’s creep back into modern day society, we took advantage and dedicated our senior rep group shoot to this trending style. I could not have asked for more from these outgoing and photogenic girls that I’m honored to have as my senior reps for the 2018-2019 school year. We worked together to style this shoot; discussing outfit options, hair styles, etc. to make sure everyone coordinated while also being able to express their individuality.  As we shot in a giant “tire graveyard”, it was important for me to show contrast between our rugged backdrop and the natural beauty of the girls involved.

The weather was threatening to be poor all week, but we ended up with a beautifully sunny afternoon in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.  If you’re from Western PA, you know just how rare a bright sunny day is as of late. We began with a few group photos in between enormous stacked tires just to get loosened up. Even though most of the girls did not know one another before the shoot, their personalities quickly clicked and it shows in the photos. As everyone became more comfortable in front of the camera, things really started to be fun and we got some incredibly striking images. The photos with everyone posed on top of the monstrous tires matched my vision perfectly! As we made our way under the bridge (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, anyone?) nearby, I was able to show my interns just how impactful a reflector can be when the sun hits it just right. Everyone wants to be glowing in their senior pics, am I right?!

If you are interested in seeing all images from the group shoot, click HERE.   

Luck was again on our side when we came across a mural by an incredibly talented Pittsburgh Artist, Jeremy Raymer. As it turns these are likely some of the first photos of the mural. The artist had been working on it all day before leaving just an hour ahead of our start time. Although we did not know it was new at the time, I kept wondering to myself how I had not noticed this beautiful piece of art work when I visited the site previously. I am thankful I was able to represent his artwork in this particular way. The girls loved the mural and their expressions showed exactly that when they were posed in front of it.  If you enjoy these images and you’d like to chat about setting up your own senior session, feel free to contact me HERE! Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this blog.

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