My Pics Are Sharp, But My Tees Are Soft AF!

Yes, in case you were wondering, these super soft tees come with dad jokes included.

I was so pleased with these tees I had gotten made at Moreau’s, I decided to do a little promo shoot to show them off with Julia, Megan, & Lily!  Julia & Megan were senior reps of mine from last year and are also bestfriends.  They have been BFF’s and neighbors since they were knee high to a duck!  Lily is a mutual friend of theirs, and someone I’ve known for a while – she was an obvious choice to be the third model.  This group of true friends made the shoot fun and filled with laughter.

Thank you to my friend Ryan Gesler for designing such a great shirt!  The Sparks Ignite branding is nicely understated, and the graphic pops off the shirt exactly as I imagined.  The most important thing to me when having these new shirts made was softness (I would wear a shirt that said just about anything if it was this soft)!  From the highest quality material, to the special ink used, these tees are epically soft!

If you’d like one for yourself for just 15 bucks, email me HERE and let me know what size/color you’d like.  I currently have sizes S, M, L, XL and colors (all are heathered) grey, black, blue-grey, green, and red available.  Thanks for stopping by the blog.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!