Made In The 80’S

Celebrating all things 80's, including LaVonia's birthday

Slap your cassette tapes in and grab your phones from the cords in the wall because LaVonia’s throwing it back to the 80’s! From Walkman’s to Rubix Cubes, the theme says it all- “made in the 80’s”…just like LaVonia. To celebrate her 30th birthday, her family and friends will be joining her on a carribean cruise coming up in September. So shake your magic 8 ball and hope for good weather, put your red leather jackets on and crank up your Michael Jackson tunes, for this party is sure to be a thriller. 

I’m sure LaVonia’s session is a sneak peek into how her party will be…nothing ordinary and super entertaining! I mean, come on, they are taking a cruise to Cozumel-of course it’s going to be a blast! These images represent LaVonia’s personality perfectly…bubbly, outgoing, and full of surprises.  This session was full of laughs (as you can see in the photos) and surprises. The biggest shock was when the champagne/confetti bottle popped open out of nowhere, surprising us both!  

Having LaVonia in the studio was like a party in itself, so I can’t imagine how spectacular the cruise will be. We are hoping these photos will give the guests a punch of nostalgia, and that nobody will make like E.T. and phone home, unless they are calling to share the experience of course. Who knows, maybe Mr. Potato Head will even stop by! Contact me today to book your own appointment so you can express your beautiful self in your own way, just as LaVonia did for her 30th birthday!

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