Class of 2021 Senior Rep Applications

I've been struggling to figure out if I should even make this post. After a week where nothing has been normal, it's nice to talk about doing something that is.

Covid-19, social distancing, flattening the curve…a few months ago none of these things were on our radar.  It’s certainly a bizarre time to be alive.  None of us have ever experienced anything quite like this in our lifetimes, and it feels like we’re in the twilight zone.  My industry has been hit extremely hard by all this.  Weddings are being cancelled and with everything being shut down, the last thing people are doing is booking photo sessions.  Many of my photographer friends are hurting and feeling very overwhelmed.  On a personal level, I have essentially zero income to support myself and my three children.  If you’re able to support my business and get something in return, I am currently offering Sparks Ignite Photography gift cards for 20% off HERE.  These can be used toward your own  session/prints or can be gifted to a friend.  While I am feeling overwhelmed, I am hopeful that things will return to normal sooner than later.

For the last 4 years I have offered a senior rep program to local students.  I’ve thought long and hard about bypassing it this year.  I’ve decided to move forward because this has been such a bright spot with my clients over the years. We have to think positively and realize this will eventually end and we will get back to life as we knew it.

Sparks Ignite Photography is currently accepting applications for Senior Reps graduating in 2021 within an hour and a half of Indiana, PA. Four years ago I rolled out a senior rep program that allowed the seniors and parents involved to earn free/discounted senior photo sessions, prints, gift cards, and more.  I will continue with the program this year, although there will obviously be some changes.  Meetings with seniors and parents will take place over the phone or via Zoom video calls.  There will also likely be delays regarding the group shoot.

A huge thank you goes out to our Class of 2020 Reps for the way you represented Sparks Ignite Photography.  These soon-to-be-graduates are great examples of what we’re looking for.  Not only are they great students, but they are outstanding people!  I’m truly sorry the end of your senior year has been disrupted the way it has.  I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now.  Please just continue to stay safe and keep positive!

I’m looking for senior reps that are dedicated students who are also outgoing and fun. You should be active on at least one social media platform (preferably Instagram) and be involved in some sort of extra curricular activity.

 OK, so what do you get for being a senior rep?

      • Free group shoot with all the 2021 reps (See example from last year HERE )
      • Free digital files from the group shoot to share on social media 
      • A set of rep cards to hand out to your friends
      • Half off your individual shoot
      • $100 print credit just for being a rep
      • Additional $50 print credit for each referral you get
      • A Free T-Shirt
      • $100 gift for the first rep to get a referral

There will also be bonus incentives based on total number of referrals. These will be even easier to earn than last year and are given in addition to what is shown above. These rewards are designed specifically to benefit the senior and are given in the form of a gift card to wherever you’d like.

      • 4 referrals = $150 gift card
      • 6 referrals = $300 gift card

To apply, email or send a message on Facebook or Instagram. Please include the following:

        1. What school you attend
        2. GPA
        3. Extra curricular activities
        4. Social media outlets you frequent and handles
        5. Why do you think you’d be a great senior rep?
        6. Were you reffered by a previous senior rep?

Applications are requested by May 25th. We look forward to hearing from you!